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Stephanie Mayor

"Welcome to my worlds,
enter at your own risk...."

I love sharing the world that is Metilia with others. I hope the characters become as real for you as they are for me.

I also love sharing the voice of my cat, Angel. She is every bit as feisty in the fur as she is in the series. Stephanie and Angel's new reality is vast, and the first book barely scratches the surface of what is to come.

The theme is the constant though: One girl, one person, can make a difference. They can even change the world... (Especially if they have a smart-mouthed feline at their side.)

I hope you enjoy reading about Metilia, and all the colourful characters it holds, as much as I enjoy writing about it.

Stephanie Mayor


"I say we whack 'em now, while we have the element of surprise..."

What she said, only she's just pretending she imagined it so you won't think she's weird. It happened, all of it, especially the part where we whacked 'em.

I could tell you the whole story myself, but being a Birman, I'm extremely modest. Plus, it seems like a lot of work.

She doesn't catnap enough, and it worries me. All this writing already. Just say: "We whacked 'em." End of story...

Anyway, never trust a prince, or a horse, or anybody for that matter, except your own personal human, and even they are suspect at times.

Adventure for all,

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